A big hello and thanks for checking in here. By now, you've likely realized the site has been redesigned, unless of course you never visited the old site, in which case... it's REALLY new here :)  So... here we are! Now what?!?! Well... you peek around and enjoy the sights and sounds. Share with me what you like and why. What you don't and why and go about your day feeling happy in your heart that you contributed to the overall vibe of the site. (Unless I hate your ideas and I don't implement... but you can still feel good you tried)

It's going to be an ongoing process and I'm going to try NOT to obsess about every little thing. Perfectionism is a real drag... but I excel at it!!!! I even have my masters in Perfectionism from the N.I.E.G.E University in Yemen. Yeah... that was a time!!! 

Seriously though... I'm going to attempt for this to be a blank canvas and let it all simply... flow. So... I truly hope you enjoy the music and the site... and that surrounds it.

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