I've broken my own rules.

Hello there all interested parties. I've decided to take the plunge into to world of Blogging. Up to this point I've felt that nothing I have to say is all that interesting....... and I do not presume now that anyone actually WILL. However..... if the rest of the world is narcissistic enough to think anyone cares, then so will I. Truthfully... I will use it as my own "rants" and sound off about things I feel strongly about, feel sick about and just plain think about. The world is a strange place to say the least and begs much to be said about it. It won't make much sense to many of you. In fact....I will likely be the only one who it DOES make sense to..... But then.... I'm used to that. Who knows.... maybe after I'm gone somehow it will make sense to some. So here I am...... For now.

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