New Site... New Record... New Video... New Blog post

Hey all!

Chances are if you're here, you were directed from Well... thanks for visiting here and there. The blog here is going to be an exploratory experimental dabble in the idea blog world and we'll see where it goes. It may not always be musical, it may not even be good.... but it WILL be about things that are important. I fair warn, I may use this space for some ranting. It may give me a place to vent about things that I simply can't understand. Take littering for example...  that just weighs so heavy on my heart.... YA SEE... almost got into a rant. I'll hold off for now,  but will continue soon. I just hope to have two way communication with any interested parties. You like the music? Tell me why. You don't like it? Tell me why. Will hopefully be a place to get to know some of you a little better, if only "virtually". Stay tuned!!!!

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